Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 23 . . . Baby-Proofing

Baby is quickly learning to move himself around, so we really REALLY need to baby-proof the apartment. Chris is in charge of anything that involves the power drill (we are slightly old-fashioned in that way, mostly because any time I try to drill something, I screw it up) and I am in charge of making sure nothing falls on the baby.

Here's a before . . .


Please note the printer precariously perched on the shelf. I had already moved the bin of markers and scissors.


Here we have a box of stuff that baby should probably not destroy. This shelf also housed all my sewing stuff -- sewing machine, needles and fabric, and more scissors (I do love my scissors). We also had a whole bookshelf full of boxes of yarn. Yarn Yarn and more Yarn!!!

And the after:


No more printer to fall and books replaced the marks and scissors. We may have to rethink the boxes for something sturdier once baby is able to open them, but we're good for now I think.


A bin for bibs and dog things (dog biscuits are not for babies). Computer cords, cameras, and other "office things" in a bin out of reach.


Printer in a safer place, sewing and knitting moved into Mom and Dad's room, toys in a bin, and a hamper so clothes don't end up on the floor.

Much safer!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday October 24 . . . A Day in the Life

Tulipchica over at 4-Way Split posted a great photo series of a Day in the Life with her 17-month old. I decided to steal it! So here's what it's like to be me on a Monday! Woo!

The radio comes on at 6:15am. Depending on the day, baby is either already awake, alternating between fussing and nursing, or asleep and snuggling; either way he's usually sprawled on top of me. Now that it's getting closer and closer to winter, it's way too dark in the morning for pictures, so here's what I got.


At this point Chris is up, and if baby is pleasant enough, Chris will take his for a diaper change, giving mommy the reign of the bed for a whole five minutes.

The alarm goes off at 7:00am and here is where I make a decision: if baby is awake, we get up. However, if baby has been fussing since 5am and is now asleep, I ignore the alarm and snooze with him. I'd rather be late and smelly with lack of shower than wake him up. Today he was awake, so we snuggled for a few more minutes and got up.


We always say Hello to the baby in the mirror (weird how it's always the same baby in EVERY mirror!).


I put him in his Pack N Play and head to the shower. He's getting less and less fine with being left there while I shower, and today we transitioned to the jumper while I finished up.

IMG_0562   IMG_0564

Hello Puppy. You do not look amused.


Baby is still pleasant, so I get myself dressed -- standard issue jeans, nursing tank, and a cardigan. And hello! I find his hat in my pocket! . . . I've been looking for that since June!

IMG_0568  IMG_0572

IMG_0569  IMG_0570


New diaper and time to get dressed!


Hello Again Puppy!



Baby and Puppy play (and practice crawling) while Mommy gets breakfast (and yes, those ARE Lucky Charms, and they ARE magically delicious).


Time to take the puppy out. Everybody get their sweaters on! Sling up! Puppy waits so patiently and then takes off!!!

IMG_0580  IMG_0582

IMG_0583  IMG_0584

One more nursing before we leave! One more snuggle with baby, plus it's my chance to watch Real Housewives!

IMG_0589   IMG_0590

Time to pack up the stroller. Baby -- Check. Lunch, Milk, Pump stuff -- Check! Lots of other stuff -- Check! And we're almost on time!


  IMG_0595  IMG_0592


A nice walk to daycare with a sleepy baby.


Daycare and Stroller Parking!

IMG_0599   IMG_0600

If I get the time just right, I can hop on the bus up to the subway stop (though the walk's not bad).

IMG_0601   IMG_0603
IMG_0605   IMG_0606

On Mondays I have some mental goodness -- "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me" Podcast, Starbuck's and Therapy! Does a psyche good!

IMG_0607   IMG_0608   IMG_0609

Time for work!


Oh, wait, not quite. Time for pumping first.


Welcome to the VIACOM 49th floor "Mother's Room". Fully equipped with a mini-fridge, desk, couch, and now (thanks to me) a phone! Some other additions for a homier feel: a notebook for writing notes to the other mommas, a safe place to keep our pumps, pictures of our babies, and season 9 of Friends!

IMG_0613   IMG_0615
IMG_0612   IMG_0614

Ok, time for some real work!


And then more pumping!!!

IMG_0610 1000000464

Repeat . . . then rinse!


Finally! 6:20 and time to go home (though I should have left at 6).


1000000469  1000000471

A special treat when I get home -- Baby is still up! It's normally hit or miss whether he's asleep when I get home, but tonight I get a few minutes of baby time before bed.

001  005

Bedtime . . . music, books, and boobies.

006   008
010   012

Dinner with the hubby and some much needed feet-up time (and even some knitting). 


Then cleaning up and packing bottles and bags for the next day.

1000000475  1000000476
1000000474   1000000473

Finally time for bed!!!


(Well, maybe a little Angry Birds in the dark)


And that's my life on a Monday. Pretty straight-forward -- Baby-Work-Baby-Bed. Not much time for anything else, but I try to fit in a few minutes of "me" each day . . . whether I'm successful is usually up to baby.