Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monday, February 11 ... 1 Year, 10 Months

A day in the life

This kid sort of rocks. He's so freaking smart, I can't even stand it. And he's keeping us busy, again, we're half way to 23 months before I get his 22 month post up.

He says so many things, and says them so clearly. The daycare teachers have told me that he speaks better than all the other kids his age, always asking for "more cracker", "more leche". It usually has to do with food.

I can't remember all the new words this month, but his favorite new sound is "sn".
Snuffy ("Snuf-Snee", on Sesame Street. He's on the cover of the Classic episode series on Netflix).
Sneakers ("snee-snee")

He also can "read" the "Monster at the end of this Book" book. He does all the dramatic parts and says, clear as day, "Monster".

He also does the cutest things (obv.):

Dances in his chair. He especially likes Justin Beiber. Chris is not pleased with this.

Jumps. Like a maniac. We have to now instruct him where he can jump, because after a while they get more and more wild and crazy, and he ends up jumping into some sort of hard or sharp thing (or landing on my leg and blowing out my knee).

He's so in love with his doll, Max. We have to put Max to bed every night, and sometimes Max is first to greet Momma in the morning. R will sometimes let me put Max in a wrap on him (really a jersey scarf). I think I know what someone's getting for their big 2nd birthday.



He's really into trains now. We took him to the Train Show at Grand Central Terminal with Gramma and Grampy ("Gwa-Gwa" and "Bway-Bway", but don't call them that, only he gets to call them that).



Choo! Choo!

Now he's also kind of obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. I'm ok with that. It's sort of adorable.

He loves to color and paint. He's been doing a very funny thing where we'll wipe the paint with a baby wipe. He saw me cleaning up the paint on the edge of the easel and now thinks it's part of the painting process. He's very good at keeping the colors separate (in the video below you'll hear my reaction when he gets it wrong), and seems almost "gentle" in his painting technique.
Painting Time!

He's a little too short to reach the top of the easel, but he tries!

Here he is with hew new girlfriend, Olivia, at our Super Bowl party!

He knocks on every door he can find.
A day in the life

He loves Snow!!!
We had a MAJOR snowstorm this month! 


He got really excited about it.


Then he wasn't so into it.

He gives the dog her treat after Teeth Brushing. It's the one thing that gets him to let us brush his back teeth. (he does REALLY well brushing them, but we make him let us do the back ones).

We've started really using the potty!

He "conveniently" really needs to go after we've put him to bed. But we've had a few actual Pees in the potty, so we're getting close! We got him some Pull-Ups to use when we're home. 

He was really excited to Skype with Gramma and Grampy / Gramma and Grampa to tell them all about (and show off his new Dora diapers).


Also, this potty set is amaze-balls. Doesn't take up any extra space, and it's actually nicer than the toilet seat we had originally.

Mayfair 83EC 000 NextStep Child/Adult Built-in Potty Seat with Lift-Off Hinges, Round, White

He's also pretty obsessed with Tattoos.
(or stickers that look like Tattoos)

Still going strong. Pretty much only in the morning, but it's our special time. He experimenting more with nursing his dolls, making me nurse his dolls, making Dada nurse his dolls. I am often tandem nursing R and his Max at the same time.

Oh, also, I'm exhausted. I've been treating my thyroid issue, and while my T3 and T4 levels are back to normal, I'm more tired than ever. It's not making parenting a toddler any easier. And on that note ... bed time.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday, February 10 ... Snow!!!

Or, as R puts it, "Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow".

The Northeast was pumbled by "Winter Storm Nemo" Friday night ... don't tell dadda I used the term "Nemo", he has issues with the naming, cause it's stupid. Anyway ...


We really didn't get any snow last year (aside from a freak Halloween storm when he was too little to care).

Baby's first snow

Friday morning we were having breakfast and R points out the window and starts yelling "SNOW!!! SNOW!!! SNOW!!!"

I worked from home that day so I could go and get him from daycare early if I needed to. It rained most of the day, but when it started to snow it REALLY snowed!


Lately R has been walking home from Daycare, and throws a FIT when you make him ride in the stroller. When I went to pick him up Friday we agreed that he could get out and walk once we got to our courtyard. That lasted all of 30 seconds.


That night we got about 6 inches. Central Park got 11. Connecticut got like a mile or something. 



Chris took Rowan out in the snow that morning. It didn't last long, but I guess when it's 20 degrees out, 12 minutes is the most you can expect from a 2-year-old.

2013-02-09 09.07.35

Also he had at least two layers of everything, so it was hard to move.


He still yells out the window about the snow, but really doesn't like being out in it. He gets really worried when he gets snow on his snow boots.