Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Vacation!

We spent 10 GREAT days away tooling around the Northeast like a regular ol' family. Here are some of the highlights.

Day 1


Birthday cake for daddy at Gramma and Grampa's house.
Fourth of July party at the May's (we left before the fireworks, but apparently there were a lot).
Ro even played in the pool!
New Discovery of the day ... bubbles are awesome, and Ro doesn't like playing with other children. Go figure.
New Word: Gwamma (as apposed to "Gwa-Gwa").

Day 2
Day 2
Car trip up to New Hampshire - Ro was SO GOOD in the car! Slept most of the way and played with his trains the rest of the way.
Ro was excited to get in the water with Grampy!
Momma got to put her feet up with a book! I can't remember the last time that happened ... probably last summer.
Discovery of the Day ... Hamlet's car carrier makes an awesome fort.

Day 3

Ruffit Vaca (210)

Ruffit Vaca (215)

Ruffit Vaca (247)
Trekked up to Sandwich, NH for their 250th anniversary fair, complete with Antique Tractor Pull, hotdogs, and ice cream!
Then back for more swimming!
Discovery of the Day ... Bugs are attracted by cheese and crackers.

Day 4
Day 4
Left R with Gramma and Grampy and headed up to Maine! Wine, Fish n Chips, and a great big bed with no toddler's in it!

Day 5
Day 5


Tooled around Portland while R was (apparently) an angel with Gramma and Grampy.
Alagash Brewery, Portland Dive Bar, Portland Nautical Observatory

Day 6
Day 6

Back to New Hampshire for some rainy day fun.
Discovery of the day ... Mom and Dad don't know how to play Old Maid.
New Words ... Kayak, Canoe, Go Fish, Pappa Loon

Day 7
Day 7

Story Time at the local library (with only a small amount of panic).
More swimming (with lots of jumping!)
Sunset, and s'mores.
Discovery of the Day ... Red Light/Green Light is a pretty kick-ass game.

Day 8


Mummy's camera phone wasn't working well, so there aren't many pictures of this day ;(
Left New Hampshire and made our way down to visit Nana. Lunch at Friendly's!
Went shopping and saw Auntie Jess!
Had dinner with Gramma and Grampa.
And after a mildly panicky bedtime, Mom and Dad actually got to go out AGAIN! Beers with Auntie Megan and Randy.
Discovery of the Day ... Balloons make pretty good punching bags.

Day 9

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Visited with Daddy's Uncle Gary at Gramma and Grampa's House.
Headed home and slept the WHOLE WAY!!!
Arrived home to discover nearly all our plants were dead. :( The Basil and Tomatoes were the only things to survive.
Mummy and Rowan headed to the store because our fridge was empty!

Day 10
We spent the day unloading the car, cooking, and gradually getting back into a routine. Back to reality tomorrow!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, July 11 ... 2 yr, 3mo

I'm going to be honest. I'm writing the June and July posts the same day. And it's practically August. But I'm a big liar and I set the blog date as the 11th on each of them. So anyone reading this, including Future Mollie, will think that I am totally on top of this motherhood thing, keeping a beautifully-organized account of my child's life. Joke's on them ...


Here we are! Well into the Twos, and boy is he TWO!

Father's day was the 16th, and we tried to make Daddy feel special!

We spent a week away on vacation, so that's where the bulk of this month's fun stuff happened!

New Favorite Words ..
(yes, I'm raising a yuppy)
"3, 4, 5, Jump!"

I'm sure there are more. But I'm the bad mom who can't remember.

In other news, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on June 26. This photo was taken that morning, with my son and I wearing support colors. Some people may say I'm "indoctrinating" him, teaching him my own personal biases. I say we're being the change. He's going to marry whoever he wants, and even better, he's going to grow up in a country where that's not a strange notion.