Monday, January 6, 2014

Polar Vortex, for Fun-Sucker

The problem with crappy weather is that it totally kills all the stuff I had planned to do today, and that bums me out and makes me bad at this SAHM thing. Today was a weird freezing-rain kind of day, where one minute it was 47 degrees out, and the next it was 33. That made for slippy, slidey, frozen roads and trucks overturned on the highway. So the responsible adult (me) had to nix the original plan of going to Bed Bath and Beyond and Joann Fabrics. That was supposed to be the high point of today. Also laundry, which I also wasn't going to do in the freezing rain. Unfortunately, because everything was wet and then it got Polar Vortex cold, the world is a sheet of ice right now, which is going to make driving not a good idea tomorrow either. So boo. Another day of being inside and resorting to "how about we watch Mickey Mouse", which turns us both to grumpy zombies. Save me, Pinterest.