Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Welcome baby Calvin!

So it's not just about Rowan anymore.

Baby Calvin arrived Friday, March 4, at 9:45pm.

More to come. My hands are a little full.

Friday, April 17, 2015

"Mummy I love your dress."

"You look like a Rocket Ship!"

"Mummy you look like a Rocket Ship!"

That's probably the best compliment I could ever get.

Rowan is 4

Ro turned 4 over the weekend. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around that. I'm not sure I can even write one post that encompasses all of him. He's so much bigger on the inside.

Rowan is 4 (39)

Some of his favorite things ...

He loves pasta a meatballs, bread, bananas and pears and strawberries. Cereal, hummus, peanut butter and jelly, and blueberry muffins. He's recently discovered sliced turkey sandwiches. For a while raisins counted as an after-dinner treat (before reverting back to cookies).

His favorite books are Madeline's Rescue, Go Dog Go, and his Bob Books from the library. He knows his letters and can sound out words. He likes to ask how to spell things so he can write them down.


He likes Legos (especially ones with instructions, which need to be followed exactly the same way every time), drawing and painting, and Mr. Potato Head. He can ride a balance bike and is almost ready for pedals.




He loves preschool. His teacher is Sarah, and his best friend is Dylan. He also loves Gigi, Eleanor, Adriana, Kiera, Jackson, and Emmet from school, and Vera from across the street.

Trick or Treating
Trick or treating with Dylan

Rowan is 4 (15)

He loves Blue's Clues (still) and playing with the calculator on his phone.

He likes asking hard questions over breakfast, like why subways are underground, how babies come out of vaginae, and what the phrase "watery grave" means.

He starts the night in his bed but still comes into to Mummy-Daddy Room at some point in the night to sleep on the floor. He gets snuggles in bed with us before it's time to get up. Naps at home don't really happen anymore, so we've instituted "quiet time" upstairs on weekend afternoons after lunch (mostly so mom and dad can get a break).


He doesn't like movies with Bad Guys and too much chasing. He doesn't like getting in trouble or admitting he did something wrong. He doesn't like with other people are having a conversation without him. He doesn't like when things don't go his way.

He likes to change the subject when talking about something uncomfortable. He'd rather be goofy.

Rowan is 4 (22)

He tells me he loves me every day.

Making Faces

Until next year ...

Rowan is 4 (79)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer vacation, 2014

This summer we headed up to Ruffit for a few days. Last year was such an epic adventure, with several legs of the trip and long, LONG car-rides in between each leg ... this year seemed easy in comparison.

Unimpressed GIpper

I did a lot of prep work for this one. I was worried Ro would be bored, and therefore bug me every second of every day to entertain him. Which would mean that I wouldn't be so much "on vacation" as I would be doing the same shit I do every day just in a less convenient location. So we made play-dough, we looked up some fun activities on pinterist (like making slime, which was a total Pinstrocity, let me tell you), and I even made him a list with all the activities he could choose from, with pictures so he could read it himself.

Oh, note to self. When you're making cookies and home-made play-dough at the same time, for love of god don't mix them up during the taste-test.


On the trip up we drove up in the evening, and Ro was asleep as soon as the sun went down. Of course that meant he was up and excited to see everyone at 11pm.


Do you think that meant he slept in? I don't think so.

Day 1 had some beautiful weather, and everyone ended up in the water. Ro even put his face in the water and swam by himself with a tube.

Ruffit_vaca_2014_swim (1)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_swim (6)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_swim (15)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_swim (30)

He also drove the boat all by himself.

Ruffit_vacation_2014_Boat (8)

The 4th was pretty wet from some Hurricane Arthur, but we kept busy making cake and ice cream for Daddy's birthday.


Ruffit_vaca_2014_cake and ice cream (12)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_cake and ice cream (13)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_cake and ice cream (16)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_cake and ice cream (17)

July 5th was still pretty wet, so we did a lot of coloring and reading, and Grampy and Daddy worked on Mummy's bike.

Ruffit_vaca_2014 _painting (4)

Um ... where are my wheels?

That night cleared up so we went "fishing" and had our first sparkler!

Ruffit_vaca_2014_fishing (13)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_sparklers and fireworks (3)
Ro wasn't so sure.

Next day we went to the local playground. I realized that so many of my planned activities were "sit and do something mildly calm" things, like bubbles and side-walk chalk. I had forgotten how much of our day is spent running and biking and going outside to go crazy. And you can't run or bike at Ruffit. So we took an hour of just running and climbing and getting worn out.



That night we played with light sticks and sparklers again (and mommy looked up how to take a good picture of them!)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_sparklers and fireworks (14)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_sparlers and fireworks (37)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_sparlers and fireworks (38)

Ruffit_vaca_2014_sparlers and fireworks (44)

And then we had a rave, apparently.

Ruffit_vaca_2014_sparlers and fireworks (51)

Next day Mummy and Gramma went shopping and had lunch, while the boys had a picnic on the boat.

Ruffit_vaca_2014_boat (19)

We drove home on Tuesday, and Ro slept the WHOLE way!!!


As is tradition, we spent the next day doing laundry and getting groceries.


... and nursing our mosquito bites.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

3 going on 15

I was trying to explain to Ro yesterday why it wasn't ok to be rough with daddy, asking "how do you think that made daddy feel" and "what should you do when you're mad?" And he was ignoring me, and daddy said "Ro, mummy is talking to you" and he ROLLED HIS EYES and said "{sigh} What's your NEXT question, mummy?"

Saturday, June 28, 2014


People are always saying that kids are great "mirrors". That they reflect back at your exactly who you truly are. Yeah, I get that. But then sometimes all you have to do is watch The Office. And then I realize some days I parent just like Jan.

Like sometimes, I'm mildly annoyed at my kid.
The office jan gif

And sometimes I find good coping mechanisms for dealing with it.
The office jan gif candles

But sometimes he really starts to get on my nerves.
The office jan gif

And it's hard to keep my cool, especially in public. It takes quite a lot of effort.
The office jan gif beer sign

Because really I just want to yell or break things or sell him for yarn money.
The office jan gif dundie

But of course, even thinking that, I end up feeling like a completely terrible mother.
The office jan gif

Because I should be proud of my little goober. He tries so hard.
The office jan gif

But then I remember ... he's three. ... though, in that respect, not completely dissimilar to Michael G. Scott.