Saturday, June 28, 2014


People are always saying that kids are great "mirrors". That they reflect back at your exactly who you truly are. Yeah, I get that. But then sometimes all you have to do is watch The Office. And then I realize some days I parent just like Jan.

Like sometimes, I'm mildly annoyed at my kid.
The office jan gif

And sometimes I find good coping mechanisms for dealing with it.
The office jan gif candles

But sometimes he really starts to get on my nerves.
The office jan gif

And it's hard to keep my cool, especially in public. It takes quite a lot of effort.
The office jan gif beer sign

Because really I just want to yell or break things or sell him for yarn money.
The office jan gif dundie

But of course, even thinking that, I end up feeling like a completely terrible mother.
The office jan gif

Because I should be proud of my little goober. He tries so hard.
The office jan gif

But then I remember ... he's three. ... though, in that respect, not completely dissimilar to Michael G. Scott.

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