Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday Sept 25 ... The Terrible Twos?

Guess who got his first time-out at school today? Apparently he has been smacking other kids in the face.

He's also been punching the dog and hitting her with his cereal cup.

And here is the script ...

Act I

interior, kitchen

No! We do not hit the dog!

[freezes ... grins]

Mom CROUCHES down to be at eye-level with baby, just like Super Nanny taught her

It hurts her when you hit her. We do not hit the dog with your cereal cup.


Do you understand that you hit the dog and that's not ok?


OK, I'm going to take away your cereal cup because you weren't using it properly.


Mom TAKES cereal cup from baby and puts it up on the shelf.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 17 ... Things I'll forget

This morning I opened a new container of yogurt. Baby was begging to "help". So I gave him the foil cover to throw in the trash. After a few minutes I look over and he's licking the foil (can't really blame him, I do that too) ... then he rubs it all over his hair. Even after rinsing it off, he smelled like vanilla. Perhaps we need to take a trip to Bath and Body Works for a Vanilla scented spray ... which would be less sticky and have fewer calories.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Mini Bow Box Gift Set - Web Exclusive - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

Saturday, September 15 ... I'm the Mom

Big day on Saturday ... while Dad stayed home with his football and a "you agreed to this when you married me" grip on the remote, Mom and baby went out for the day. Target for bibs, spoons, and other assorted (and unexpectedly heavy) necessities; Bra store for a new bra (nursing bra with under-wire, since the one I had got tugged on so much the wire popped out!); and the library for a little signing/reading playdate.
After about a half hour at the library, baby was getting antsy and tired, so we packed up to leave. I asked if he wanted to walk down the stairs, himself and he said yes. Then two steps down he sat his tushy down and refused to move. So we went back to the top, I dropped all my bags, and tried to get him up in the carrier.

So picture me fighting with a wrap and a cranky toddler, two target bags, a bra bag, 3 board books, and a diaper bag that has just spilled open with a water bottle, a sippy cup, diapers, a bowl of cheerios, my wallet, my phone, my metro card, etc.

So I see a woman come up the stairs with a baby in an ergo, and she starts laughing. "I knew it must be a Mom up here, with all those bags. Looks like my life!"

Yep, I'm the mom :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things I'll forget

Baby spills Cheerios on the floor, gets down on all fours, and eats them off the floor with his face like the dog.

2012-08-17 17.59.36

(also I'm very glad I have a post-from-email function for this blog, because I emailed this to myself one morning and totally forgot about it until today when I saw it on the Draft list of posts)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012 ... 17 Months!


That's so close to 18 months, which scares me a lot.

This kid is super smart. And it's not just me saying that. The teachers at daycare, our parents, random people on the street who overhear him saying things like "Juice" and "Yellow".

New Words:
Bubbah (bubbles = waves from a boat)
Boe (boat)
Cah (car)
Caa (cat, accompanied by sign)
Stuh (stuck)
Boo (book)
Yeh-yoe (yellow)

New Skills:
He goes by himself to the window to look at the buses.
The Bus Window

He can go get the stool and use it to climb up onto the couch.

He can put a crayon inside the rings of a notebook.

He can eat with a spoon and a fork.

He runs from the other room to point out a Clue on Blue's Clues.

He sings!

He sits down and colors.

He eats crazy things like steak and corn on the cob.
(like he eats the corn right off the cob, not just sucking on it.)

He makes it really obvious when he's pooping, and will say "yes" when I ask. We've attempted to sit on the potty a few times -- usually too late to catch a poop, once too early. Not worried.

He comes along with mommy when she's running errands! He LOVES the bus (though it still more exited to see a picture of a bus than to be ON the bus).
On the bus!

Hardware store with Mommy

And his most random, favorite game ... going through momma and dadda's wallets.
Mommy's Wallet

First haircut
First trip to Ruffit (and first boat ride, first swimming in the lake).
First ride on a fire truck (though it wasn't really moving)

(Note: he is such a handful that we almost into the 18 month post without finishing the 17 month post. So I don't really remember all the awesome stuff he did. oops).