Monday, September 17, 2012

Saturday, September 15 ... I'm the Mom

Big day on Saturday ... while Dad stayed home with his football and a "you agreed to this when you married me" grip on the remote, Mom and baby went out for the day. Target for bibs, spoons, and other assorted (and unexpectedly heavy) necessities; Bra store for a new bra (nursing bra with under-wire, since the one I had got tugged on so much the wire popped out!); and the library for a little signing/reading playdate.
After about a half hour at the library, baby was getting antsy and tired, so we packed up to leave. I asked if he wanted to walk down the stairs, himself and he said yes. Then two steps down he sat his tushy down and refused to move. So we went back to the top, I dropped all my bags, and tried to get him up in the carrier.

So picture me fighting with a wrap and a cranky toddler, two target bags, a bra bag, 3 board books, and a diaper bag that has just spilled open with a water bottle, a sippy cup, diapers, a bowl of cheerios, my wallet, my phone, my metro card, etc.

So I see a woman come up the stairs with a baby in an ergo, and she starts laughing. "I knew it must be a Mom up here, with all those bags. Looks like my life!"

Yep, I'm the mom :)

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