Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 11 . . . 9 Months

I just realized I never did my 9 month post! The rush of doctor visits, Gramma Jan and Grampy visiting, and a little thing called the Stomach Flu, I never got around to it!

But better late than never . . .

Nine Months

What he's doing ...

He can pull himself up to standing on just about anything. His favorite is to stand on things that move, like the ottoman, the rocking chair, and mommy.

He'll walk while holding on to your hands, and will walk holding onto the couch.

He lets go while standing, but doesn't notice. He'll be standing next to the couch holding something, decide he needs to switch hands, and lets go of the couch to move the toy.

He claps. This is one of my favorite things, mostly because we didn't teach him that. He must have learned it at school, which makes me feel 100% better about sending him to daycare, since obviously they are "cheerful" people.

We're still nursing! I pump twice a day at work, and now that my boss has left, I can use her office (which is SO much more convenient than the by-appointment-only pumping room). It was so nice while we were all sick, because 1) it was very comforting to him and 2) I didn't have to get up to make bottles. I didn't even have to SIT up! My goal is to stop pumping at 1 year, and hopefully I'll have enough in the freezer to send milk to school for a month or so, transitioning him to more solids and less milk. Then we can still nurse in the morning and at night, but I don't have to worry about sending anything with him during the day.
He has also changed his "attitude" about nursing, which I think is so funny. He'll actively "ask" for it by sticking his face in my chest, and sometimes when he's asleep and I pop him off, he starts roothing around with a big open mouth looking for his booby.

Plus he did this:

He plays with toys. This has been super fun.


Other miscellaneous things:
 Big Boy Stroller!
Big Boy Stroller

Happiest Baby Ever!
Happiest Baby.

And finally, sleep . . .we have two issues:

I would like my spot back.

And this is how I feel most days.

We're starting to think about moving him out of our bed. Right now, his crib is up against our bed. He starts off the night in his crib and often "puts himself to sleep" (whines for 5 minutes and falls asleep). About half the time he wakes up just after we go to bed, around 10. He sees me there and won't go back to sleep without nursing, though I'm not convinced he's actually hungry. At this point I usually fall asleep with him next to me, where he stays until morning. A few times Chris has taken him out to his Pack N Play when he's been super whiny and won't go back to sleep, where he cries for a minute and then is out for the rest of the night. That makes us think that maybe if he were in his room, he wouldn't see me and then would be able to calm himself back to sleep.
So this weekend we're going to put his crib in his room. Our old bed is still in there, so I can lie down with him if I need to. We'll start him out there, and if he wakes up, one of us will go in. He can come back in our bed in the morning, if that means we all get a bit more sleep. So . . . good luck to us!

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