Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday, February 10 ... Snow!!!

Or, as R puts it, "Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow".

The Northeast was pumbled by "Winter Storm Nemo" Friday night ... don't tell dadda I used the term "Nemo", he has issues with the naming, cause it's stupid. Anyway ...


We really didn't get any snow last year (aside from a freak Halloween storm when he was too little to care).

Baby's first snow

Friday morning we were having breakfast and R points out the window and starts yelling "SNOW!!! SNOW!!! SNOW!!!"

I worked from home that day so I could go and get him from daycare early if I needed to. It rained most of the day, but when it started to snow it REALLY snowed!


Lately R has been walking home from Daycare, and throws a FIT when you make him ride in the stroller. When I went to pick him up Friday we agreed that he could get out and walk once we got to our courtyard. That lasted all of 30 seconds.


That night we got about 6 inches. Central Park got 11. Connecticut got like a mile or something. 



Chris took Rowan out in the snow that morning. It didn't last long, but I guess when it's 20 degrees out, 12 minutes is the most you can expect from a 2-year-old.

2013-02-09 09.07.35

Also he had at least two layers of everything, so it was hard to move.


He still yells out the window about the snow, but really doesn't like being out in it. He gets really worried when he gets snow on his snow boots.

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