Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday May 11 ... 2 years, 1 month


I'm having trouble keeping up with these posts now. So much is going on, and he changes so quickly, I can't remember if all the cool shit he does today was happening a month ago.

But here are some highlights ...

Babywearing ... I wear him to school nearly every day now, even in the rain (he likes to hold the umbrella). Our new fav carry is Christina's Ruckless Back Carry, which doesn't fall off my shoulders like a regular Ruck carry does.

2-year Doctor's appointment was hysterical. He totally freaked out when we got to the doctor's office, but was immediately excited about all the new toys in the waiting room. 


We went back to the exam room and he got really upset with the medical assistant trying to measure him, but she was very sweet about it.


We were able to distract him with all the cool stickers on the wall ... until ...

The doctor popped in to say he's be in in a minute, and R completely freaked. I hugged him and said that that was the doctor saying hi, and that he was going to come back in a minute. "SCARE!!!!" R started yelling! "HE SCARE ME!!!!" 

Of course he screamed the whole time, which is expected. The doctor said he was "excellent", which I translate to be "wow, you're kid is awesome, so much smarter than any other two-year-old I've ever seen, but I'm not allowed to say that." Boom. Parented.

Then, for DAYS he would suddenly stop what he was doing and say, " Doctor scare me."

(Stats from doctor visit ... 24 pounds, 31 inches tall)

Ear Infection. 
It didn't help the whole "Doctor Scare Me" situation when a few days later he came down with a nasty fever that kept him home for a week. School sent him home early on Tuesday with a fever and an upset stomach. 

I stayed home Wednesday with him, where he acted fine as long as we gave him tylenol for the fever. Just more random napping than usual.

Same thing Thursday, when Dad stayed home. 

Then Friday all hell broke loose. I called the Doctor's office Friday morning to ask if I should bring him in since he'd had a fever for a few days. As soon as I got off the phone I hear "Uh-oh ... POOP!!!!!" His diaper had exploded in diarrhea all over the recliner. I got him cleaned up and we laid back down on the couch. He then throws up all over me, himself, and the rocking chair. I get us cleaned up again, and we spend the next few hours alternating between explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting.

I manage to get us to the doctor (though we had begun to run out of clean clothes at this point). We spent longer than I liked in the waiting room, and it showed how sick he was that he fell asleep there AND in the exam room instead of freaking out. 

(Mummy enjoyed in the in-flight entertainment though)

We saw a different doctor than his check-up the week before, and Ro was actually very excited to tell this doctor how "Doctor scare me". Turns out he had an ear infection. "Don't ask me why," said the doctor, "that some for some kids ear infections mean pain and yanking on the ear, and in some kids vomit and have diarrhea. I have no idea."

So we trekked to the pharmacy (on the "choo choo train!", which cheered him up) to get antibiotics. (The kid in front of us in line was getting the same thing). There's something about Amoxicillin that causes me to have flashbacks of grossness. I had a lot of ear infections as a kid, and that smell ... blegh. 

However, my kid, who eats everything, effing loved it. 
That's him dipping goldfish crackers into amoxicillin and yogurt. We started mixing it with yogurt, but then were giving it to him straight from the dropper, then from a spoon. Ever time he asked for "more".

Saturday he slept for most of the day, and then Sunday he was back to normal (and a little stir-crazy). Monday he was back at school like nothing had happened.


He's been "writing letters", usually to Grampy. We were able to have some "homework time" a few nights.


He knows what a freaking Octagon is.

Random weirdness ... he puts his hand in his shirt and holds onto his booby. I'm not sure why.


Breastfeeding ... when he was sick he asked to nurse a few times. One time he actually latched on and nursed for about 5 minutes. Otherwise, he asks for it, grins, sort of kisses the booby, and then snuggles on it. I'm afraid we may be done. :(

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