Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, July 11 ... 2 yr, 3mo

I'm going to be honest. I'm writing the June and July posts the same day. And it's practically August. But I'm a big liar and I set the blog date as the 11th on each of them. So anyone reading this, including Future Mollie, will think that I am totally on top of this motherhood thing, keeping a beautifully-organized account of my child's life. Joke's on them ...


Here we are! Well into the Twos, and boy is he TWO!

Father's day was the 16th, and we tried to make Daddy feel special!

We spent a week away on vacation, so that's where the bulk of this month's fun stuff happened!

New Favorite Words ..
(yes, I'm raising a yuppy)
"3, 4, 5, Jump!"

I'm sure there are more. But I'm the bad mom who can't remember.

In other news, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on June 26. This photo was taken that morning, with my son and I wearing support colors. Some people may say I'm "indoctrinating" him, teaching him my own personal biases. I say we're being the change. He's going to marry whoever he wants, and even better, he's going to grow up in a country where that's not a strange notion.


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