Friday, April 11, 2014

Rowan is 3

Seriously, how did that happen?

Rowan 4 Birthdays

Where is my baby? Wasn't he a baby at some point, not that long ago?

Nope, he's for real Three years old. I guess he's a toddler, even though he talks like a grown up. I get comments all the time about how well he talks. He especially likes to list out what's going to happen. When I say "Ok, we're going to have lunch and then take a nap", he'll say, "Nooooooo, first we have lunch THEN we read a story THEN we do potty THEN we sing a song and THEN we take a nap ". I suppose that comes from my compulsive need to make lists. 


I can't even list his favorite words, because I swear he uses all of them. He makes the best connections with words too. The other day we were driving and I said, "We're on the right track", and he said, "Like a train, we're on the right train track." He told me the photographs on the wall were "too busy". He tells me big words are "tricky". He tells me I'm driving too fast, that other drivers aren't being safe, and asks me why I'm "freaking out" a traffic circles.

He knows his ABCs, and he can count to 20 (though he gets tripped up at 13, because he says it "firteen", which sounds a lot like "fourteen"). But if you help him with 20, he can read numbers up to 60 (probably more, just haven't tried it). He's got the idea of sounding out letters to make words, and has sounded out Cat and Hat, sort of. He "works" on the computer and types letters.

He can use a mouse. Can't drag and drop yet, but we've got moving and clicking.

He likes to take selfies.


He can hit a baseball from the Tee, and is close to peddling a bike. He got a balance bike for his birthday, so we're working on balance instead of peddling. He can climb the ladder at the playground by himself.


We're working on playing outside by ourselves, which is hard for Mummy as well. But we have a backyard now, so sometimes I let him play in the backyard if I'm in the kitchen, play on the front porch if I'm in the living room, and play in the front yard and on the sidewalk if I'm on the front porch. That's about as far away as I'm willing to be. He sometimes plays upstairs by himself, though it's usually when I'm mad at him and have made it clear that I don't want to play with him anymore.


Favorite TV ... we alternate between classics like Blue's Clues and Thomas to new/old things like Bob the Builder and The Magic School Bus (mom's favorite). He knows "Mummy shows" are too scary for him.

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