Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday April 19

Day 9
Slept so well!!


I had been so worried about Rowan's need to sleep right near me -- all the books say NO NO NO!!! But screw the books! We slept so well last night!

Also, Gipper is taking her job as "Nana" very seriously. She barked at every noise that came from the hall.

Section Nap Time

Baby has started being awake and alert more and clearly watching things with his eyes. It's nice to have some awake time without the screaming.



  1. Hi! I'm Leslie...I read your blog. :)
    My parents did the family bed thing. My mother did some research and discovered that the families that usually shouldn't be co-sleeping are ones with unresponsive and/or drunken parents. I'm pretty sure this is not you guys...because I read your blog.
    Rock it, it's normal practice in many other countries.

  2. Lynnette and I co-slept with Wesley for about 6-8 months and as soon as he was ready to go, we were ready to let him go. It worked out pretty well! He slept, we slept, and even when he went to his own bed, ended up doing well (mostly).