Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 23 . . . Baby-Proofing

Baby is quickly learning to move himself around, so we really REALLY need to baby-proof the apartment. Chris is in charge of anything that involves the power drill (we are slightly old-fashioned in that way, mostly because any time I try to drill something, I screw it up) and I am in charge of making sure nothing falls on the baby.

Here's a before . . .


Please note the printer precariously perched on the shelf. I had already moved the bin of markers and scissors.


Here we have a box of stuff that baby should probably not destroy. This shelf also housed all my sewing stuff -- sewing machine, needles and fabric, and more scissors (I do love my scissors). We also had a whole bookshelf full of boxes of yarn. Yarn Yarn and more Yarn!!!

And the after:


No more printer to fall and books replaced the marks and scissors. We may have to rethink the boxes for something sturdier once baby is able to open them, but we're good for now I think.


A bin for bibs and dog things (dog biscuits are not for babies). Computer cords, cameras, and other "office things" in a bin out of reach.


Printer in a safer place, sewing and knitting moved into Mom and Dad's room, toys in a bin, and a hamper so clothes don't end up on the floor.

Much safer!

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