Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11 . . . SIX MONTHS OLD!!!

Holy Half-Year, Batman. Where did the time go?

six month picture

Baby can now:

Sit un-assisted (sort of . . . still tips over quite a bit)

Do all sorts of yoga positions.

Almost crawl.

Turn over from his back to his stomach (usually when we're not looking).

Look what I did! (rolled over while I wasn't watching)

Put things in his mouth that he shouldn't.

Pumpkin Patch Kid

Eat cereal! 

Put his toes in his mouth.


He also LOVES his puppy.


He now goes to bed at night by himself, and Daddy and I have been able to eat dinner together every night. Still not a great napper, and STILL no laughing (but plenty of smiling and babbling, so I'm not worried).

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