Monday, February 13, 2012

February 11 ... 10 Months!

10 Months!!!

10 months
(this was the only picture of him not wimpering, the Grumpus)

He does so many things!

He's finally laughing. It takes throwing him up in the air a la Swinging Baby Yoga or snorting in his ear to get him started. Then it takes normal things like tickling and regular ol' baby tossing.

He walks while holding on to your hands.


He still lets go of things without realizing, and has started squatting -- balancing somewhere between standing and sitting.

He eats anything you put in front of him, including mushed up versions of everything we eat.

That pureed beef stew. A big hit.


He's also very good at restaurants, probably because he likes eating.


He is also very silly, imitating us and making funny noises.

He claps AND can scare the dog too!

He LOVES bathtime!

So excited for bathtime!

And best of all, he's sleeping in his OWN room and ALL NIGHT! Last night he slept from 8:00p to 6:00a without a peep!

Still nursing, which came in handy when we were all sick. I couldn't stand up, and he was so grumpy, this is the only way he would sleep:

This is the only way he would sleep today

He's got 7 teeth now, so we're experimenting with nursing positions that don't end up with teeth marks on my nipples. Lying back with him on top of me is helping.

My squishy:


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