Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday March 11 ... Eleven Months!

Evelen Months

I seriously can't believe it. I may have had a mini panic-attack earlier when I remembered I had to make his 12 month doctor visit (and not just because I hate talking to the receptionist on the phone ... that's a different issue).

We spent the day with Gramma Robin and Grampa Terry, brunching and hanging in the park, since it's unseasonably warm these days.

Rowan and Grampa

Here's what he can do ...

He can stand up from sitting all by himself.

He can climb up most anything, including mom and dad's bed and the sliding ottoman.

He pets the puppy gently, and makes the sound that we make when we say "Geeeentle petting, geeeeentle".

He squeals when we get to daycare because he's so happy to see Mariana, Sonja, and Grace (the teachers).

He LOVES going out to restaurants. What a nice change from the first few months, when I was afraid to take him anywhere lest Dr. Jeckyl (or Mr. Hide, I can't remember which is the evil one) would show up and ruin everything with screaming. He sits in the high chair, and as long as the Cheerios keep coming, he's incredibly pleasant. And because I'm not afraid to feed him things I'm eating, he been able to try lots of things. In the last few weeks, he has had:

  • donuts
  • scones
  • pickles
  • cole slaw
  • guacamole
  • salsa
  • refried beans
  • blueberry pie
  • tomatoes
  • spiral pasta
  • and the old standby, french fries.


He's much better about going up on my back, often just waiting patiently while I get my wrap situated.

Double Hammock

Sometimes not so much ...

Wrap practice

He likes to play in the bookshelf.


His favorite is Neil Diamond (of course!).

Rowan and neil diamond

He finally thinks we're funny.

And he's ALMOST walking! I was hoping to get a video by now, but he 1) won't do it when the camera is running, and 2) when I'm around he'd rather get to me quickly, which usually involves crawling. He does this super cute shuffle, where he steps with one foot and then drags the other one ... before falling down.

And we're still breastfeeding. I feel like I have to say it every month, because every month we're a month longer than most people breastfeed (and a month longer than most people think I should). We've had to start topping off the bottle with cow milk, since I'm not quite pumping enough at work. But on the weekends he goes crazy, nursing EVERYWHERE! So there's still no end in sight! YEA!

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