Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday June 12 ... things I'll forget

This morning baby was all about the snuggling. And nursing. And snuggling.

Chris brought him in around 5:45ish (not really sure ... I was pretty out of it). Bay nursed and snoozed, nursed and snoozed. Every time he fell sleep, I tried to pop him off, but then within a few minutes he'd be awake and fussing. He just didn't want to be awake.

Then around 7:00 he really fell asleep. He was passed out on top of me. And at this point it was getting on time to get up. I had to take a shower, and I really didn't want to rush. So I slid out from under him and settled him in the middle of the bed. I put the pillows on the floor around the bed -- this way if he rolled off he wouldn't concuss himself, but if he woke up he would be able to see the edge of the bed and climb down.

I got in the shower, and after a few minutes I heard one loud "WAHH!!!" I poked my head out the shower and saw him standing in the doorway. For a minute he looked very upset, but then I said, "Oh! You got out of bed all by yourself and found me!" He gave me a big smile like "Yup! I did!" He was so confused as to why I was standing in the shower, and seemed to not believe me when I said I was having "bath time". So I just kept saying, "So you got up all by yourself?" "You woke up and decided to find me?" That seemed to keep him happy long enough to finish my shower. :)

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