Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday November 11 ... 19 Months


This month I finally got the "wait ... how much is 19 months?" People have started having to do math when I speak in months, so it's time to stop. But I don't want to say "18 months", because I feel like that dismisses all the amazing things you've done in the last month.

You repeat everything. Sometimes it's cute, like when I teach you a song or a book:

Sometimes it's not cute, like when I'm trying to discipline you.

And sometimes it's just plain inappropriate (yet hilarious), like when you run around saying "SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!" after I drop something. (And I know that's what he's saying, because when I catch myself and switch to "shoot", he starts saying "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!!!")

We had a great time at Halloween this year. Mom and Dad we about to go to Daycare's Halloween party and parade.

Daycare Halloween Party

Daycare Halloween Party

Everyone loved your Tardis costume.

Daycare Halloween Party

We went to Beth and Bob's house for a Halloween party, and you had a great time! So much food!!! You especially liked the cheese and cider. And that night you slept until 7:30am! A new record!

We've been playing a lot with Emily and Zoey. We went to their house for a playdate and Halloween Party.



You've been playing "cooking" a lot, so Momma made you your very own kitchen.


Carboard Kitchen

You LOVE LOVE LOVE your iPhone. You love your Peek-a-Boo game, your "Elmo" app (PBS kids app), and you love to look at the pictures and watch videos of yourself.

You play this really random game where you want to be swaddled in the quilt.

2012-10-27 15.08.03

Other things this month! Hurricane Sandy pounded the east coast, we were stranded at home for a few days. We played Weather Man and went a little stir crazy.

2012-10-29 08.38.48

Then one week later, we had a freak blizzard and you got to play in the snow with Daddy.

2012-11-07 17.22.04
(that's the stroller)

And ... still nursing! It's a little weird, because you ask for it, and then by the time we sit down to nurse you will have distracted yourself and won't want it anymore. The only time you nurse for longer than a few seconds is first thing in the morning, which is a nice time to snuggle. You still demand it the moment I walk in the door after work, but them immediately find something else to show me.

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