Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, November 26 .. Things I'll Forget

Mondays I leave work early and pick up the kiddo from day care. Today we went shopping at the plaza near school -- Old Navy, Panera, Bed Bath & Beyond -- all my favs.

We were running around Bed, Bath, and Beyond (a favorite "wear him out" activity of ours). We were making a gave out of "find the dogs and cats". The vacuum section is a nice place to start, sine all the vauums lie that they pick up all the dog and cat hair that  your animal will leave behind. We had several minutes if "DOH! CAH! DOH! CAH!", and then moved over to the pillow section where we could touch things.

We spent a few minutes hugging pillows, and then I started to lead us over to the massage chairs.

"COO! COO! COO!!!!" he starts yelling.

"A what?", I asked, having no context for this outburst.

"COO! DOH! COO! BOO!" he yells, pointed to a display of dog beds.

I come around to see what's he's pointing at, and I see this:


Yep, that's a light blue paw print on a package for a sofa cover.

Baby was really upset that we didn't write down this clue in our Handy Dandy Notebook, though I pretended to write it down as I took a picture of it.

Do you think the graphic designers knew what they were doing to my kid when they chose this logo?

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