Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Little Boy Hair, an Analysis

There is a fine line for little blonde boys and their hair. A fine line that runs between Super cute and completely trashy. Observe.

Here we have an adorable little boy. The hair is just long enough to be pushed aside. We'll call this one "Short and fine."

Here we have hair a little longer, and we're not sure if this is a boy or a girl. We had problems with people calling him a girl when he didn't have any hair, I don't want to make it worse. We'll call this one "Androgynous".

Here we have a creepy little child with hair long enough to be styled. We're going to call this "Preppy".

Niall Horan
Here is the blonde one from One Direction. His hair is sort of a reverse mullet - Party in the Front, Business in the Back. We're going to call this one "Tousled Preppy".

Here's a picture of Harry, just because. I sort of love him. We're going to call this one "Really Tousled Preppy".

This is a Mullet. Pretty self-explanatory. I do not want my child to have a Mullet.

This one's a little better. we'll call this "Independent Middle-Schooler".

BAH! Too Far!!! W'll call this one "Shaggy Angry Teen".

There we go! This is freaking adorable. This is what I want. We'll call this one "Adorable".

Ok, so the problem arises when you have to pass through Mullet, through Shaggy Angry Teen, just to get to Adorable. And then what if the sides don't grow (like last time) -- then you're stuck with a combination Mullet/Donald Trump.

The other problem arises when I have to decide whether I myself should cut it. Here's the issue: I take a lot of pictures on Christmas, and I don't want him to have 1) a Mullet, like he has now or 2) a Bad Haircut. So do I let it grow and risk it being Shaggy Angry Teen on Christmas morning, or do I cut it now, leaving time to go past Bad Haircut and maybe get to Preppy?

All I know is THIS is unacceptable.

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