Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Single parenthood

Chris has been in Miami for four days. Notre Dame played in the National Championship football game last night. A few weeks ago that seemed a good enough reason to leave me alone with the child for four days. Today ... not so much ... and not just because they sucked the big one.

(that's the Irish tripping over themselves while the Alabama player walks past them to score)

This has been one of the hardest weekends I've ever had with this child. I haven't been this tired since he was 1) six weeks old, when he was crying all day and not napping, or 2) 10 months old, when he would nurse all night and because of a vasospasm I was wide awake at every suck. I am actually sick to my stomach with how tired I am. I was close to tears at work for the past two days.

Here's what we did this weekend ...

Day 1

Up at 5
Said bye to dadda
Playing and Dora
Drug store where he only disappeared from sight once
Library - coloring, books, and story/song time (where he kept yelling "ELMO!" at the PBS logo-ed carpet and telling the teacher he could see a "MOON!!!"
Home for Lunch
Nap (for both baby and mom)
Bed, Bath and Beyond, where he had a gandhi tantrum (where he goes all limp) and I dragged him around by the arm.
FaceTime with daddy
Blues Clues, Kardashians
Wine and Big Bang theory (I seriously didn't move for an entire hour)
Outlined CBE course readings
Bed with Netflix in daddy's spot, puppy on daddy's pillow

Day 2

Up at 5. fml
Gave baby my phone and rolled over.
Breakfast and NPR
Blues Clues and shower
Playing and Kardashians
Play date with co-worker. A hit!
Nap ... 40 minutes ... after being up at 5.
Grocery shopping
Cooking and laundry
FaceTime with daddy
More cooking and playing
Dinner - rice and beans! A hit! (though in retrospect, I shouldn't have tried being super mom and made the pasta and frozen meatballs like I had planned).
PJs and book
More wine!!!
More cooking ... pot pie for tomorrow and banana muffins ... am I trying to win a prize or something?
Clean kitchen, pick up toys
Body hurts
Finished week's CBE reading

Day 3

Up at 5. kmn.
Gave baby my phone and roll over.
Gave baby remote and try to sleep on the couch. Dog has fit until I feed her.
Feed children.
Fold Laundry
Contemplated leaving an hour early so baby could nap in the stroller, but too cold.
Distracted baby with putting laundry away ... this kid loves chores.
Dropped off baby at school
More coffee
More coffee
Pick up baby
Pass out in arm chair.
Dog freaks out.
Get ready to take her out.
Dog pees all over everything.
Mommy freaks out and scares everyone.
We learn a valuable lesson in forgiveness by apologizing to the dog ... and bribing her with a treat.
PJs, Books, and early bedtime.
Wine!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and order "stay the fuck in bed"(TM) alarm clock)
Phone date with Megan, where we kept saying "We're not staying up to watch this whole game"
Stay up and watch the whole game.

Day 4

Up at 4. Seriously, shoot me.
Done. Left baby to cry.
Back to sleep at 5.
Back up at 6. Fine. I give up.
Gave baby my phone and roll over.
Coffee, Elmo.
Dropped off baby at school
McDonald's. (apparently no one goes to McD's the week after they start their New Year's diets? No line!)
More coffee.
Pick up baby.
Say hi to Daddy.
Sleep for a year.

Not sure if you noticed, it got sadder and sadder as the days went on.

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