Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Rowan!!!



We spent this past weekend visiting the grandparents and celebrating R's 2nd birthday!!! The whole day was themed around his new favorite thing - choo choo trains!!! (As well as other vehicular transports)

We started with a play date with Kate and Isaac, along with Aunties Jess and Katelyn. Lots of running and chasing, some showing off of toddler talents, and a few tantrums. A pretty good day.


Mom and dad even got to go out on a date for an hour or two!

On Sunday we met up with ALL the family for brunch at Martin's in Great Barrington. I chose it because they have breakfast all day, crayons on the table, and are on "Railroad" st (continuing our train theme). Breakfast was awesome and Ro even got his own Micky-shaped waffle (but don't tell my boss at Nickelodeon!)





R was excited to take a walk down railroad street, but was confused why it didn't have any "guys" -- the walk signals at traffic crossings.

After brunch we went to the fire station! Grampa Terry is the fire chief and showed us all the fire trucks!





We had to cut the visit short when there was a fire call!! Grampa jumped in the car and drove to the fire, and we all waited outside for the rest if the volunteer fire-fighters to arrive. We saw them drive away in the fire truck!



We went back to Grama and Grampa's house and opened presents. Lots of trains and books!
  • wooden train track set and trains from auntie Jess
  • wooden train cars and a Hess race car and tow truck, and some books from Gramma and Grampy.
  • a leap from tag reader, books and some matchbox cars from Gramma and Grampa. Also a high chair for Max!
  • blocks from Mrs. McMahon
  • a Norte dame football from daddy
  • a hand-made Baby Carrier from Mommy

Rowan's 2nd Birthday

Mommy was a little weepy at how grown-up he seemed today.

Rowan's 2nd Birthday

Then we had cake!!! Daddy was very excited to make the cake just like Grampa used to do for him. He even took the day off on Friday to finish frosting it!!!



Rowan's 2nd Birthday

Rowan's 2nd Birthday

Rowan's 2nd Birthday

By this time R was birthdayed out!


We packed up and hit the road with our new toys.


That night he was so excited to play with his new trains!



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