Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday April 11 ... 2 Years old!!!

Somebody is officially two years old!!!!


So much has happened in the last month, it feels like I must have missed a month's blog post! But no, he's just exploded with growing up! Here are some of the new things he can do:

Read letters and numbers

Sleep in a big boy bed!
Mommy was a little weepy as Dad took off the side of the crib. He hasn't fallen out yet, though this past week he has started getting himself in the morning (Mommy's ambivalent about this -- it means I don't have to get up to get him, but he gets up before the Bunny, and that's no ok).

Throw a spectacular tantrum, including angry (not just whiny) "NO!!'s.
This is the main reason we don't have a lot of new pictures of this cute kiddo -- every time I grab the camera he begs to hold it, so all the pictures end up being of tantrums.

Tell us when it's "safe" to cross the street. He makes sure there's a "guy" on the light before we cross.

Tell us when snacks are for Ro-Ro and not Gipper.
We were going through a phase when every snack we had was very bad for the dog -- grapes, raisins, hummus (with garlic), etc., so we were being very strict about how and where he could eat the snack, and telling him over and over that the snack was not for Gipper, just for Ro-Ro. He clearly took it to heart.

Tell stories (The one where his hat blew off under the car and mommy said "OH SHOOT!" and The one where Gipper barked at the door because she heard a baby outside.)

He has this great tone of voice when he's asking for more, or telling someone else that THEY need more. It's sort of like, "Hang on. um, I thought we talked about there's being more? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I was told there was going to be more. Right? I mean, you see how there needs to be more, right?" Sort of a little Larry David. This clip doesn't do it justice, but it's close:

Pee on the potty before sleeping, and tell us when he's pooping.
As long as it's part of the routine, he's a pro at the potty. We pee before naps and bedtime, and daycare said they would start putting him on the potty at school.

Play on his own

I'm not exactly sure what this is. A catwalk? A joint session of Congress?

Share (he makes the sign for "sorry" when he says "share", which makes me think the daycare taught him that one).

Go up to the top of the jungle gym by himself
(ok, daddy was probably letting him do this before, but mommy has only just become "ok with it")

He really likes to play "na night", where he climbs into our bed, pulls up the blankets, and makes us tuck him into bed. He also pretends Mommy and Daddy are trains or horses and rides us around. He pretends to nurse his Cabbage Patch Doll, Max.

Sing songs (current favorites: Wheels on the Bus, Texas, Oh Mr Sun, ABCs)

Use complete sentences (where daddy go? Here it are! Daddy at work.") Sometimes these sentences are in Pirate Speak ("It be heavy.")

He's also very polite, saying Thank You, You're welcome, and Excuse Me (sometimes without prompting).

Other things that happened this month ...

We said goodbye to Auntie Stephanie, who moved back to Texas. We had a great dinner at our favorite Mexican place and she celebrated some final Northeast Snow.



We had to go to backup daycare on Good Friday, which was a complete disaster. After he cried ALL MORNING, I went to get him and brought him back to my office to be my little helper. He was really excited to ride the subway though.




We celebrated Easter with Eggs, Ham, and chocolate covered things!



We've also started Babywearing to school! He likes to walk home, and it's a big pain to push the stroller with one hand and hold his hand with the other. So we've mastered the Back-Carry wrap on top of the coat. It also means Mommy has an awesome scarf after she drops him off.



All the more reason he deserved a baby-carrier for his birthday!
Babywearing Toddler (5)

Babywearing Toddler (1)

And finally, nursing. It's been weird, he goes a long time without asking for it. Like weeks. And sometimes he asks for it but then only snuggles with the boob. I wonder if it's over. I really wanted a picture of my nursing my official two-year-old, just to say I did it, but never even brought it up. It's a little sad.

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