Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday April 13 ... no more pumping

So I stopped pumping milk at work. Sort of without noticing. Oops.

I was sick earlier this week, so I spent most of Monday at the doctor, and all of Tuesday at home. I had my good pump at work. I had a little bit of a plugged duct on one side, so I used my manual pump for a few minutes, and I got all of half an ounce.

When I went back to work on Wednesday, I guess I just never got around to it. I was hoping to pump in his first birthday, just to I could say I pumped until he was one. Oh well. Then Thursday came and I didn't. And Friday came and I didn't. He's been drinking straight cow milk for a week. And he loves it.

And I was fine with it. I'm not disappointed that I stopped. Cause I hated it.

(it doesn't look like this. No one is every this happy while pumping. Bitch.)

We're still nursing in the morning and at night. And on the weekend he can't get enough of me. He doesn't seem like he wants to stop any time soon.

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