Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday April 24 ... "Oh THAT's what he's doing!!"

Baby was a little sick Sunday and Monday, so when I picked him up on Tuesday, he was especially clingy. He was pulling on my shirt a little, so when we got his coat on, we sat down to nurse. He pulled down my shirt and latched on. From the other side of the room I heard, "OH! THAT'S WHAT HE'S LOOKING FOR!" It was one of the teachers, and she was nearly doubled over laughing.
"All day, he's like 'OOO?'", and she mined him pulling out her shirt and looking down it. "All day! To EVERYONE!"
I guess he gets a little handsy with the teachers, and I was worried I was going to get an earful about still nursing him. But, to my surprise, the teacher said, "Aww, and it's so nice for you guys. So nice."

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