Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday, April 11 ... ONE YEAR OLD!!!

We made it! One whole year, and we're all still alive!

Twelve Month Picture

The whole series ...

First, new in the last month ...

He can walk like a pro! He started around St. Patrick's Day last month, a few steps when it was convenient. Within a week he was walking for the challenge. By the next week he was walking because he was awesome at it! He will even "run" for something he really really wants, like that other kid's ball on the playground.
We joke that he is a Walker (a la "The Walking Dead") because he walks with straight legs with his arms out, and the analogy has extended into him becoming a full-on zombie -- he bites me, and then I'm up all night. :)

He plays with toys. His favorite toy from his birthday was a purple rubber ball. He was SO excited. And I swear, we don't push gender stereotypes on him (MY favorite toy for him was a baby doll), but he loves balls and cars -- if it can be rolled or driven, he's in heaven.

He can climb on everything! One day I came into the bedroom and he was sitting on the bed, like it was no big deal. Last weekend he kept trying to climb gramma's stairs, again, like it was no big deal.

Birthday Photo Shoot (20)

Everything is "Dadda". Except for Momma, which I appreciate. Dadda is "Dadda", but so is everything else. I'm sure Rowan knows what he's saying, and he knows the difference between Dadda-Chris and Dadda-Cup, but we don't.

He eats EVERYTHING!!! I mean everything.

He plays little games.
Like "Who's that baby in the mirror?"
Who's that baby?

and "Dancing all by myself with a box on a string"
Dancing with his "purse"

and "Talk to the animals"
Holding Court, with the puppies

and "Whip it! Whip it GOOD!"

And finally, STILL NURSING!

Rowan nursing, 11 months

Rowan nursing, 11 months

I love that we're at 12 months and there's no end in sight! I've stopped pumping at work during the day, and he takes cow milk just fine. He still nurses at bedtime, once during the night around 4am, in the morning, and pretty much all weekend long.


  1. Such great photos and the ones of him nursing are too sweet :-) Does he have a mohawk in the belt video???

    1. haha! Yes, he looked like a little rock star that day!