Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Friday May 11 ... 13 months

I forgot to do a 13 month picture. Guess that series is done.


Quicky post: here's what he can do now

  • Run
  • Sign "More" and "All Done", usually at the right times.
  • Nod "Yes". Haven't figured out "No" yet.
  • Follow simple commands like "Bring me that thing" or "Where's dada?"
  • Throws things.
  • Plays his own little games (see video).
  • Eat like it's his last meal. Always More More More.
  • Climb onto the stool to look out the window.
  • Move something over to the couch and use it as a stool to climb up.
  • He reads books ... or at least brings them over and makes us read them
  • He "hides" in the closet. He'll go in and shut the shirts around him, or yell until we shut the door on him.

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