Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday May 21 ... Baby's first vacation

This weekend we headed to Indianapolis for Polly and Cory's Wedding. This was baby's first flight and first wedding. We also had a lot of other firsts!

Thursday morning we headed to the airport. It's tricky when you don't have a car and when your kid is in a carseat. We called a car and put his carseat in, put him in, drove the 10 minutes to the airport, and got everyone out again. Curb-side check-in is amazing, BTW, since by the time we got in the building he had no luggage.

Also, babywearing is awesome, especially in an airport. I had him in a ring-sling and the diaper bag on my back. It was great because I could put him in and out quickly and he could see everything.

We had some breakfast in the terminal and found our gate.


We found another little girl at our gate too. We found an empty gate and let them run around and knock themselves out.

He spent so much energy running around that he fell asleep the moment we got on the plane.

He slept for about half the flight, and the spent the rest of the time interested in the window shade and the light buttons. The best part was when people passed us exiting the plane and said "Oh, I didn't even know there was a baby on board".

Oh, and baby still hates the car. He yelled the entire ride from the airport to the hotel.

Though he stopped yelling when we stopped for lunch at Steak N Shake.

On Friday we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum, which was AWESOME! They ahve an under 5 area full of safe things to touch, and even an under 2 area with soft things to fall on.





We all especially liked the food court.


After we got to the hotel and took a nap, we went down to the pool for baby's first swim!



That night we stayed up drinkin with the bride!

On Saturday we went for our traditional Notre Dame pancake breakfast!

Perfect Toddler-Sized pancakes!

We got back, took another nap, and got all dressed up!

Mom and baby missed most of the actual wedding ceremony since baby decided that would be the good time to get bored and fussy (also, it was hard to nurse in that dress). So we hung out in the hall and outside.


We went back to the hotel for cocktails and pretty pictures!




Then it was time for dinner!

The tiniest jar of ketchup ever.

All he wanted was the grown up dinner.

How babywearers party.

He wasn't going to sleep so Chris took him outside. Eventually I took him up to the room, and this is how he slept all night!

Sunday morning we made our way back to the airport where, again, he was so excited about the airport he ran around until he fell asleep. While he was a little more fussy on the plane ride home, the shade and the overhead lights kept him very entertained.

He was so happy to be home with his puppy and his toys.

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