Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11 . . . Three Months!!!

Baby Rowan turns THREE MONTHS OLD TODAY!!!

three months (2)

The series
One Month Two Months three months (2)

So far baby can . . .

- Smile BIG!!!
Happiest. Baby. Ever.

- Stay entertained by a toy for nearly 20 minutes.
New Octopus Friend

- Sprout Teeth (technically, it's still just a bump, but Spitty McDrooly-Face is starting to enjoy chewing on things like his burp cloth and my nipple).
tooth? 7-9-11

- Do a squirmy crawl, where he kicks his feet and screams until he scoots forward.

- Hold a conversation with Mom and Dad, as long as the topic is "ah-goor".

- "Stand" while someone balances him.
Hangin with Grampy

- He has advanced to the "three month" toys, like his Bumbo seat, the jumper thing, and the "feet-out" hold in the moby.

Moby Wrap

The only thing he CAN'T do is fit in his 3-month clothes. He's nearly too long for the newborn clothes, but he's swimming in the 3-months! 

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