Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday, July 16 . . . 1 sick baby + 1 sick mommy

= 1 quiet Saturday.

Baby's First Cold

Thursday morning, I noticed baby was a little more "snorty" than usual, and my that night, he was very snotty and grumpy. All night he was cranky and snotty, and by Friday morning he had a full-on cough and stuffy nose. Not bad enough to keep him (and me) home, I sent him off to school and headed to work . . . where I started to feel not so great. But it was Harry Potter Day (the last movie premiered last night), and I was NOT missing it!

I pushed through the day, all the while feeling a little dizzy and "off". After the movie I texted Chris to say when I'd be home (the girls and I were going to dinner to celebrate Harry Potter and the fact that I was actually OUT), and the response I got was "Great. Oh, and your son has cried for so long he's lost his voice." uh oh.

After dinner, I took a rain-check on shopping because I had to get home -- both to see the baby and because I was still not feeling great. Because I was still feeling dizzy, and that's how my cast of Mastitis started a few weeks ago, I took my temperature when I got home . . . 100.5. Shit. And as someone whose base-line temp is more around 97.7 instead of 98.6, 100.5 is off the charts! I took a tylenol, got a glass of OJ, and put myself to bed. Baby and I spent the night nursing, and while it wasn't fun to wake up every hour or two, at least we were both able to sleep in between.

Today has been much better. My fever is gone, and baby cycles between a normal happy/eating/sleeping schedule and a clingy/crying/snotting schedule. I don't think it's anything worse than a cold for both of us, and we should be fine in a day or so. We're spending the day watching what's on the DVR and snuggling (plus I can crochet my blanket while he's asleep on me, so that's a plus).

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