Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 19 . . . Taking Care of "Business"

Oh the joys of pumping at work. My boss and I have come up with a code word -- "Business" -- for when I have to go pump. The first week or two back, everything went fine. I put my three 30-minute "meetings" on my calendar and tried to schedule everything around them. When I was in my boss's office and she was going on and on about something, I would gently remind her that I had "a 2:00", and that I would LOVE to continue the conversation at 2:30.
This week however . . . people need to 1) plan ahead a little better, and 2) understand when things are not absolutely urgent. I missed my 11:00 pumping this morning because someone decided we needed to talk about on-air graphics running over letterboxed programming. Memo to someone: This is NOT urgent. But they were acting like we needed to decide this RIGHT NOW, so I couldn't excuse myself from the meeting. It went 30 minutes over, so at 11:30, when I had an ACTUALLY URGENT meeting, I couldn't pump then either. By the time I was able to pull myself away and find an empty room (since the company's pumping room is by appointment only, and I had missed my appointment), I was so worked up I couldn't get it flowing.
Eventually it was fine, and I got some work done and was able to relax, but seriously folks, you gotta let me pump. I WILL leak all over you.

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