Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monday, October 31 . . . Happy Halloween!

"I tell you a scary story . . ."
I'll tell you a scary story

Baby's first Halloween, and what a way to spend it!

I guess I had always imagined baby's first halloween with a little trick or treating, maybe a Halloween party with my friends. Instead . . .

Halloween Snowstorm

Halloween Snowstorm

Snow and Folliage

Dad helping us up teh driveway

Baby's first snow

Baby's first Halloween started with Baby's first snow. A freak storm hit the Northeast on Saturday Oct 29, resulting in some last-minute schedule changes to our weekend. We were up in Massachusetts for my friend's (legendary) annual Halloween party, and had stopped at Chris's parents' house on the way.

Playing with Matthew
A little Uncle Matthew time . . .

Auntie Jess
A little Auntie Jess time . . .

Picking out Christmas presents
A little Gramma time (and the Christmas catalog) . . .

Playing with Baby Luke
and a little Grampa and Baby Luke time!

However, the snow started falling . . . and didn't stop all day . . . and didn't stop all night. The party was canceled and we ended up spending the night in Auntie Jess's room!

The next morning we headed back to my parents', got some great shots of the Fall Foliage surrounded by snow, and met Grampy on the tractor plowing the driveway so we could get up. Unfortunately, our little rental car didn't couldn't even make it up the driveway!

Baby's first snow

Baby got his first sled ride, and Mommy realized she was not really prepared for winter, adding "snow suit" and "mittens" to her shopping list.

(Those are socks on his hands)

Eventually we got back to the city ok, with a lovely "sailor's delight" sunset.

NYC Skyline

By the time Halloween actually rolled around, we were able to get the costumes on and celebrate properly!

Football Costume

Daycare Halloween Party
Party at daycare

Dog Park Halloween
Party at the dogpark!

Halloween -- The Quarterback, The Referee, the Coach, and the Football
The Quarterback, the Referee, the Coach, and the Game Ball



I'm tired too baby. What a weekend.

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