Sunday, November 27, 2011


"It's your first Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? . . . Mommy's boobies?"
~ Friends

Dessert for Everybody!

This week we headed up to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving!

Wednesday was our annual Take-Your-Dependent-To-Work Day. The past two years I've taken the dog to work so we could leave early and jump right on the train. This year, Chris got the dog and I got the baby. It was "Kids Day" at work (since our company knows we're going to bring our kids in anyway), and even though he was too little to partake in the official activities, we found some things for him to do.

Playing at Momma's Office
Playpen made out of tape boxes

Momma's work is boring
Momma's work is boring

We left the city early to beat the traffic and stopped at a random road-side BBQ place for lunch. Baby had his first pulled pork!

First Pulled Pork Sandwich

Thursday we were at Gramma and Grampa C's for dinner.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner
Leftovers, anyone?

On Friday, Gramma and Grampa H babysat while Mom and Dad went to their 10-year reunion!

10 Year High School Reunion

Out at night!!!
Mom was so happy to be out at nighttime!!!


Saturday was "Small Business Saturday", and we took baby to Tom's Toys, a local toy store. Got some GREAT stuff!

We rounded out the weekend at a post-Thanksgiving potluck party, which ended up looking more like a kid's birthday, with all the little kids running around!

Post-Thanksgiving Potluck

Time for Christmas!

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