Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, November 6 . . . more baby-proofing

Baby is quickly becoming more and more mobile -- he does a great army crawl, usually dragging one leg while pushing off with the other (he gets up on his hands and knees each time, but then chickens out and goes back to his belly). Thank goodness we did some serious baby-proofing a few weeks ago, since he's already decided that in between the rocking chair and the couch is a great place to be, and perhaps it's time to start grabbing and pulling up on things.

So additional things we've "proofed" . . .

-- Yesterday we removed the basinette from the Pack n Play -- when we put him in there to chill out for a minute, he grabbed the side and pulled himself to kneeling.

-- I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with the laptop cords. I use the computer a lot on the couch, which is in the middle of the room. We have an extension cord behind/under the couch for the lamp (also in the middle of the room), but when I plug in the laptop, it's way too appealing to the baby. SO MANY CORDS!!! So I think I'm going to set up a "docking station" for the laptop, and just run it off the battery when I'm not over there. Either that or run it behind Chris's big chair. We'll see.

-- We shampooed the carpet!!! (And by "we", I mean "Chris", the BEST HUSBAND EVER!). Note to anyway who does NOT want to think about how dirty their carpet is -- do NOT look at the water that comes out of that machine. IT WAS BLACK!!! [shudder] But the carpet looks great, and I feel better about the baby crawling around on it.

We still have to get the rest of the locks on the kitchen cabinets and adjust the lock on the hall closet (with the change in seasons, it shifted a little and doesn't close anymore!)

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