Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, June 13 . . . Two-Month Checkup

This morning we headed to the doctor's for baby's two-month checkup.

Previous Stats, from 2-week checkup:
Weight -- 6 lbs, 13 oz
Length -- 19 inches
Head Circumference -- 13 inches

Weight -- 10 lbs, 7 oz!!! Hello, FATTY!!!
Length -- 21.5 inches
Head Cir. -- 15 inches, Smarty Pants

Technically, he's right on track based on the growth charts from where he started at birth, but I like to call him Fatty, so I will take a nearly 4-pound gain as proof of his Fatty-ness.

He also had his first round of immunizations. He did very well, and we both only cried a little. The doctor did them so fast, he did three shots within a few seconds, and I totally missed the last one. Baby was calm within a few minutes, and we even went for coffee afterwards. (I had cleared the rest of my day just in case he (or I) was a basket-case or had a bad reaction to the shots.) He was asleep within a few blocks of leaving the office, and we're going to spend the day snuggling and watching my "stories" (Sex and the City on the DVR and Grey's Anatomy on Netflix Instant Watch).

In other news, baby can "roll over" from stomach to back, though I'm not sure how deliberate it is, as it looks more like accidentally tipping over.

The doctor said that this is VERY advanced!

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  1. I also propose the names "Fatty McFatterson", "Fatso Fatberg" and, as you put it, "His Royal Fattiness".