Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday, June 26 . . . countdown and planning

Baby starts daycare tomorrow. I'm so ambivalent about it. On the one side, I finally get a break; it will be someone else's job to bounce him all day long, I can get things done without worrying about him crying, and I can eat lunch with two hands. On the other side however, he just seems too little! I'm the only one who has been with him all the time, so I feel like I'm the only one who can possibly take care of him.

So in the face of all this anxiety, I plan. Right now his clothes and everything he'll need at daycare is laid out on the bed in his room.

Ready for school

I'll pack up the stroller and make up all the bottles tonight, so everything will be ready to go. I'm sure that means that I'll be sitting around tomorrow morning waiting to leave, or pacing around the apartment, or falling asleep in my rocking chair. oops.

Also, I am trying to organize every other aspect of my life down to the tiniest point, cause that's what I do when I'm stressed. I made a VERY detailed meal plan for the week and went to the store this afternoon. I know it's important to eat well while nursing, and since I will have three scheduled breaks during the day to pump, what a fine time to have two small snacks and a lunch?! So after we got back from the store, where I bought lots of fruit and veggies, I put those fruits and veggies into 10 little tupperware containers, 2 for each day.


Then I made two dinners, cause that's what Sundays will be for now -- making Sunday AND Monday's dinner! (My thought is that if we've already got Monday's dinner (or any dinner that is easily reheatable) in the fridge, one day will be made with the crock pot, Thursday is leftovers, Friday is takeout, then there's only ONE dinner that we actually have to MAKE on the day we need to eat it! And we'll start out with easy things like spaghetti.)

I figure the more I get done today, the fewer things that are likely to keep me awake tonight . . . and I have enough things that will keep me awake tonight.

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