Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, June 27 . . . First day of school

Today was Baby's first day at day care (which we're also calling "school"). I made sure everyone knew his name . . .


Of course I didn't sleep last night. And baby and I weren't so much in sync, because he slept soundly for the whole first half of the night, - even when I moved him from the Pack n Play to the bed - while I tossed and turned. Then I finally fell asleep and he fussed for the rest of the night.

The morning went well, thanks to my pre-packing (including setting out my breakfast . . . I told you, stress=planning!). I'm sure I would have forgotten something important, like the baby.

And now time for the inevitable Mollie's Law (sort of like Murphy's Law) moment: the teachers didn't know he was starting today!!! The directors forgot to tell them. Uhg. Luckily, this sort of thing happens to me ALL the time (it was oddly similar to registration day at my grad school when no one was there and the receptionist was my adviser for the day), so I wasn't upset or surprised. The teacher was really good about it, and since I was able to name both administrators I spoke with, AND hand her a big check, she seemed to decide I was
telling the truth.

We had left the house early so I could feed him there and meet the teahers, do the paperwork, etc. Problem is he fell asleep on the way there. Normally, the touchy little thing he is, he'd wake up when we stopped or went inside -- not today!! He was fast asleep when I left, even with the other kids poking at him. Now, because he was asleep, I missed his 9am-ish feeding, and the had to find somewhere to pump sooner than I had anticipated. I was planning to run some errands and then go to my appointment, but today I took a detour into Bloomingdale's 59th street, because I heard a rumor that there was a nice place to nurse/pump, thanks to this handy little list.

I took myself to lunch, and while there I called the day care to confirm that I would pick him up at 2:00. "Great," she said. "And, um, by the way . . . is there something, um, special you do to get him to go to sleep?" Oy. When I arrived he was asleep, but just barely, and I got the impression that he had been difficult. "You rock him to sleep, don't you?" the teacher said to me. Well, yeah, it works. Tough. He's only 11 weeks old, I'm not willing to let him scream it out just yet.

I got him home and he hasn't stopped nursing since, and I don't blame him.

Let's hope he has a better day tomorrow.

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