Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday, June 2

It's mom and dad's anniversary! 4 years ago today we were saying our "I do"s; today we're saying our "OH POO!!!"s! (BTW, whoever said that breastmilk poops smell sweet must have been the same sick freak who likes the smell of his own farts.) To celebrate, we went out to dinner and left the baby home with Gramma!

We went to the Rainbow in Pittsfield for our annual steak dinner. We don't have a grill and can't really afford good steak at NYC prices, so once a year we splurge and go out for a fancy steak dinner (except last year, when we were in the middle of buying our apartment and living on Top Raman, and went to Georgio's Country Grill for pasta instead). This year was great! Filet Mignon with brown sauce, baked potato, and grilled zuccini and squash. Appetizer was fresh fried mozzarella, and for dessert we split a Boston Cream Pie and an apple-cranberry cobbler. Yum! We told the waitress that it was our anniversary AND the first date night away from the baby, so she should take her time!

After dinner we "went driving" like we used to do when we were dating. We ended up at the Stockbridge Bowl overlook, a classic make-out spot! We enjoyed the silence and the stars until another car arrived. They were probably there to ACTUALLY make-out, and I was missing my baby by this point, so we headed home.

We found baby sleeping in Gramma's arms. Grampy had given the bottle, with Gipper standing watch. Apparently when baby had started to cry during a burping, Gipper jumped up on the couch and started pawing at Grampy, with sort of a "the baby is crying!! You're not doing it right!!" concern.

And today's adventure in the wilderness that is Gramma and Grampy's house . . . Bear Cubs!

Bear Cubs!

Bear Cubs!

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