Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday, June 18 . . . Mommy's Day Out

If today were a movie, it would be called "Mommy's Day Out" (subtitle, "Getting Out of the House before she Goes Out of Her Mind").

Part 1: Meet some Mommies. I recently joined the Queens and Long Island Working Moms Meetup group. They post meetups at the park, playgroups, and fun stuff to do in Queens (did you know there is a farm with a petting zoo AND a hedge maze?!). One woman hosts a stroller walking meetup on Saturday mornings, and they walk around the park (3 or 4 miles), with and without their babies. It was canceled last week, and this weekend it was downsized to "hanging out in Barnes and Noble" because there were only three of us. I hadn't spent time in the kids' section of a book store in a long time, and I spent time making mental lists of all my favorites. 

I also found the most "meta" kids' book ever: "We are in a book". It is about an elephant and a pig that discover they are in a book and being read RIGHT NOW!!! It's fantastic.

It was nice to hang out with some other moms, even though they spent most of their time chasing their own kids (mine stayed pretty quiet, for once). They reminisced about having little babies, and it was nice to hear them say "I know its hard, but it gets better. . . . well, SOME things get better. Some things get harder, like -- SYDNEY, STOP KICKING HER! THAT'S IT! PUT THE BOOK BACK, WE'RE LEAVING." :) It was refreshingly honest. 

Part 2: SHOPPING!!!

I go back to work in just over a week, and I needed to find some clothes that 1) fit and 2) are not covered with spit-up. I may have gone overboard . . .

I ended up with:
4 nursing tank-tops (these can replace the frumpy nursing bras and act as layering camisoles. Win win.
2 pair of jeans (I hope the Gap prices are worth it, cause in the dressing room they actually fit my very flat butt and very wide hips, not to mention the bit of extra skin I have in front now)
1 super cute dress from Target

2 super cute skirts from Target
4 T-shirts from Old Navy
2 cardigans from Old Navy
1 impulse top from Gap, with this amazing basket-weave strap thing going on in the back. I found it on the discard rack in the dressing room. SCORE!

In other news, the Queen Center Mall has a nursing room. I sent Stephanie to Fossil and I pumped. They even had a rocking chair. Quite pleasant.

We ended the day at Dallas BBQ, and Chris met us there with the baby. Baby loved all the lights and sounds, and I loved me some Texas-sized drinks!

Baby's First Dallas BBQ   Baby's First Dallas BBQ

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  1. My kiddos and I are obsessed with the book, "We Are in a Book." :)