Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday, June 25

Time for some random baby pictures and videos!
(don't worry, as per my pregnancy humor contract, the videos are all under 1 minute)

First off, look at this hat. Is it not the cutest hat you've ever seen?

New hat!
(this picture has also usurped my place in daddy's wallet)

Babies are sort of like puppies. They get REALLY excited for supper . . .

. . . and apparently their legs twitch when you rub their bellies.

Babies make small talk.

Moby Wrap
This is how I've spent much of the last week. We've graduated to "legs out", and he's so comfortable he stays asleep for hours. And mommy has two hands.

Frowny Face
This is the "frowny face" that immediately precedes . . .

Screaming. He's still does a lot of this.

We also spend a lot of time in the recliner, what he now call the "happy chair". We sit with our knees up, and baby talks and wiggles and makes good faces.

Making faces

Making faces

Making faces

And does backbends and tries to get away.

He's also decided that he really REALLY needs to be standing at all times.

Hangin with Grampy

I want to stand!!!

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