Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday September 9 . . . a Change in Priorities

Yes, the baby is the most important thing. like ever. 2nd comes sleep and food. Chris is in there somewhere. Lower down are things like vacuuming and having clean sheets. I've managed to keep showering pretty high up there, though not without some serious effort.

But I've also noticed a serious shift in another aspect of life -- things that make me cry. If you know me, you know wear everything right there on the surface. I can't keep secrets, I can't lie, and I can't hide it when I'm upset. And up until about five months ago, I would cry at the drop of a hat. I'm that person who cries at Hallmark commercials, inspirational sports movies, and anything with babies being born. Seriously, I missed most of "The Business of Being Born" the first time, since it was blurred by tears. I nearly had to take a personal day after the Morgan Freeman VISA Olympic ads started last time.

(ok, this one still gives me chills)

I first really noticed a shift while watching Juno for the ump-teenth time. I always ALWAYS cried when Juno gives birth . . . "and he was there." Flood gates.

But when I was about 8 months pregnant, I watched it again. To my surprise, I didn't cry at that scene. Weird, I thought. I must just be in a funny mood.

The scene that follows is when Jennifer Garner's character is looking at the baby through the winder of the nursery. The nurse comes out and says to her, "Would you like to meet your son?"


So all of a sudden the birth wasn't the emotional part, it was the "becoming a mother" part.

Since R was born, I've noticed a few more times when I was upset/not upset at surprising times. While reading The Hunger Games, I didn't get upset the way other people did with certain plot points (like when P found out the K had been pretending; when we see how P has been HJ-ed; what happened to Prim) . . . (was that cryptic enough?) . . . the only part I got upset about was in the last book with the pen full of children outside the capital building (I can't say more without completely spoiling it). I can't watch videos where children are getting hurt. I had to leave the room when Deep Impact came on a few weeks ago -- there's a scene where everyone is trying to evacuate to higher ground, and Elijah Wood is on a motorcycle and goes to get his girlfriend who is in the car with her parents and baby brother. The mom puts the daughter on the motorcycle and then gives the baby to her so she could save the baby. Seriously. Had to leave the room.

Will this get better?

here we go again . . .

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