Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26 . . . Superman

or "swimming" . . . either way, it's not quite crawling.

I realized that I haven't been documenting all the "little" things he does, as those things that I'm going to forget about the minute he stops doing them.

-- He reaches up and grabs my face when he's nursing. Sometimes he puts his hand in my mouth and grabs onto my bottom teeth (did I accidentally teach him that by constantly looking for new teeth?). Other times he grabs my cheeks and opens and closes his hand like he's trying to pick up something. It was really cute at first. But sometimes he scratches, so I'm trying to encourage "hand-holding" instead.

-- He grabs onto his feet every chance he gets. He doesn't always get them in his mouth, but he often gets distracted by them, especially when wearing footy pajamas. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night to practice.


-- He smiles at me first thing in the morning. It's sort of like a "Oh! Right! You're here!!!" sort of smile, like be had almost forgotten about me, and it's a pleasant surprise that I'm there.

-- He takes food and puts it in his mouth. I'm not sure if he realizes yet that it's food, or if it's simply something to put in his mouth that has a surprisingly delicious taste.

Rice Cake

-- He gives baby hugs, where he grabs on real tight and smooshes his face into my neck or my hand.

-- He absolutely HATES being carried on my back. He freaks out and pulls my hair.

Back carry

-- He blows raspberries.


That's all I can think of right now. Oh, he sleeps in the evening now, so I have time to do things like eat and blog and watch How I Met Your Mother . . . though that's actually on right now, and I'm totally not watching it, because I'm about to go to bed. God bless the DVR.

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