Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11 . . . Five Months!

I'm glad I had something to focus on today other than remembering the tragedy of the September 11 attacks. My baby is FIVE MONTHS OLD TODAY!!!

five months

The Series:
One Month   Two Months   
three months (2)   Four Months

He's gotten so CHUNKY!

As of today, my baby can . . .

Reach out and grab things.


(after he pulled them off my face)

(you can't really see, but he's grabbing her skin/fur and trying to chew on her)

Smile even BIGGER!!!


"Walk" in his walker thing

Recognize Mommy from far away.

Baby in the window

And a new talent . . . refusing to sleep!


Still no real laughing . . . I guess we're not funny enough.

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