Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday September 8 . . . a Moo Point

(I was going to write out the quote, but this is way better)

Anyway, I'm having issues being a functioning mammal lately, hence the "moo" discussion. My milk supply has been dwindling at work, and I'm not pumping enough to keep up with what the baby is drinking during the day (I barely got 6oz from three pumping sessions yesterday). Up until now I haven't had to pump at night or on the weekends, but I think I may have to start. Uhg. That means lugging the pump to and from work, which is a pain (figuratively), plus subjecting my nipples to extra pumping sessions, which is a pain (literally).

I got all worked up about it last night when I counted up how much milk I have in the freezer. At the start of this week I had about 30 bags, each with about 3-4oz (which is about 1 bottle). If I had to defrost one bag each weekday to supplement what I pump during the day, the stash would last me about six weeks. Funny enough, he turns 6 months in just under 6 weeks (when we plan to start solid food). My goal was to continue breastmilk as his main source of food up until 1 year, but not if I'm not making enough. I don't want to force solids on him too early, and I REALLY REALLY don't want to supplement with formula.  (I know I shouldn't judge, but in my mind, formula = not real food. Sort of like Slim Fast . . . lots of vitamins and minerals, the calories one needs, but it's not food). I started to get really upset about it, but Chris, bless 'im, talked me down with a very logical "We'll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it".

Cut to this morning, when I dropped baby off at daycare. The teacher mentioned that I might need to start sending MORE milk each day (I send him with three 3.5oz bottles), and that they've gone through THEIR freezer stash (I gave them three frozen bags just in case). Oy. So forget the 6 weeks, since I have to fork over more frozen bags PLUS maybe send him with more than three bottles in a day. 

Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend . . .

Looks fun, doesn't it?! I mean, she's even got a cocktail!!

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  1. :-( I am going to e-mail you some tips I gave a doula client recently about this topic!