Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday September 5 . . . "Labor" of Love

Happy Labor Day! A day when we celebrate . . . working? by not working? I'm never sure.

This weekend we packed up and headed north to see the family. Friday night we drove up, and baby was good for about half of the three-hour the trip. Because we don't have a car, he's not used to staying in his car seat for that long, and is not the type to just fall asleep when the car starts moving.

Saturday we headed to Chris's parents to watch the first game of the Notre Dame football season! WooHoo!!!



We met up with our friends Lisa and Kerri, and met baby Michael, who was born only a few weeks after Rowan.


Gramma and Grampa C and the whole family got some baby time, and he was SO good the whole time!!!






Sunday we drove out to eastern Massachusetts to see my extended family.

Four Generations!

Everyone loved the sling

And the hat!!!

Trying to figure out what to do with watermellon

Again, he was SO good all day. But, again, he was only content for about half of the three-hour car ride each way. I really don't know how people regularly drive around with infants.

We spent the mornings with my parents, exploring the garden and learning to "walk".


The trip home was similar to the trip up, asleep or content for about half of it. We purposely left when he was tired and cranky, hoping the car would sooth him and he'd sleep for most of it.

Car Ride
at 2:25pm . . .

aaaaaan he's out
. . . and 9 minutes later.

So the first half of the trip was lovely. The second half . . . not so much.

We treated ourselves to takeout when we got home.

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