Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, September 19 . . . Sleeping Like a Baby, cont.

After a very difficult week, I feel like we had a breakthrough on the sleeping front yesterday. While I was out in the morning, Dad put baby down and after only 15 minutes of crying, he slept BY HIMSELF for an hour! (and it may have been longer, but I had to get him to leave).

(I feel like I'm in that Excedrine Migraine commercial, where Zoey from the The West Wing says, "it starts relieving pain in half an hour. And if you have migraines, you know how fast that is." If you've lived with our screaming infant for the last week, you know how fast 15 minutes is.)

Then last night, I put him to bed WITH NO CRYING!!! We read our book, nursed in bed, and when I put him down he looked at me and then zonk. out. for 3 hours (which, again, if you've lived this past week with me, you know how long that is).

Daycare was VERY excited to hear this!

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