Monday, December 2, 2013

All day with this child ... Day 1

Remember when Ro was born and I used to post every day, because everything he did was so ground-breaking and novel, like "we went to the store!!! or "I got dressed today!"? Well, prepare yourselves, cause it may be back. Today is Day 1 of being home with this child ALL DAY!!!!

Back story, cause I realize I haven't posted here since, um, July. 

Beginning of October, Chris comes home with "a plan". A job had opened up at a company in Northampton, Massachusetts. "Wait," you're probably thinking. "Don't you live in New York City?" Yup, we did. In the past two months, Chris interviewed for this job, got it (of course), we bought a car, found an apartment in MA, put our apartment on the market, packed it, moved all our crap, and quit our jobs. Chris starts at his new job today, and so do I, I guess. My new boss is 2.75 years old, and quite demanding. Oh, and you know how obnoxious it is when your boss is stressed about a project or a deadline or something? Now imagine your boss is two and you've just taken him away from all his friends and his house and now he has to sleep in a strange place but magically all of his stuff is there? Yeah, it's a little draining. 

Oh, and add to that *I* am terrified I'm going to suck at this and he won't be smart anymore, cause it was probably all daycare's doing. And all our stuff is still in boxes, not to mention that some of stuff is actually still in New York. A word of advice ... Just get the bigger truck). Chris keeps asking me annoying things like "Where is the garbage can?" or "Didn't we have rolled oats?" or "Where are the passports?" and I'm all, "Anything you probably really need is still in New York, because my awesome moving system worked great for all the not-important things in our life."

I have a lot of ideas of how I am going to handle this (thank you Pinterest). The one I'm most excited about is the Day Planner. I saw this one

and just loved it. I designed my own and had chris print it out at work really big.


It has a place for the date, the weather, how he's feeling that day, and what our daily chore is (I'm super excited that I won't have to shove a week's worth of chores into a Sunday afternoon anymore). Then I have strips of paper with all sorts of things we can do: errands, activities, etc. A lot of them are things we "have to" do, like lunch and nap, so while it looks busy, it's just a few additional things on top of a normal routine. And I have a spot for our "chore time" so that will remind us to do it. 


But anyway ... Day 1. 

Up with tears, because "WHERE THE HELL AM I?!?!?!?!" is not a fun way to wake up. 
Breakfast and more tears because I wouldn't let him watch TV while eating, even though he was clever and asked for no milk in his cereal (so he could sit on the couch).  
TV (Garfield Christmas) and bye-bye daddy
Coloring and shopping list
Trains and Christmas music
Walk to store for fruit and snacks
Run around backyard (guys, we totally have a back yard!!!) with Gipper (who is also a little freaked out)
Lunch and Dora
Nap (with mommy sitting next to the bed, the trade-off for him actually sleeping in his own bed)
A visit from gramma and Grampy, dropping of Chris's bag that he left at their house after thanksgiving (so great to have them close enough to do this!!!)
Play outside with Gipper
Laundry and playground (in between wash and dry) where Ro invented an obstacle course involving puddles and a "mountain" of dirt.

Inside and a movie while mom made dinner
Daddy comes home!!!
Put up Christmas lights and help daddy out away laundry
Bedtime (again, with mommy sitting next to the bed, but hey, at least he's in bed ... And I brought my wine)
Feet up ;)

So I survived day 1. The planner totally helped keep the day manageable, and he was excited to show gramma and daddy all the things he did that day. I got 8,400 steps on my pedometer, which is more than I would normally get with a day at the office, and we really didn't go anywhere except the store.
I didn't drink enough water, so I'm going to have to watch that.

On deck for day 2 ... We have to find the post office!

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