Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 2

Day 2 did not go as well ...

Up with tears again. I think he just doesn't know what to expect from the day. I guess I can't blame him.
Breakfast with daddy (who had time to make me bacon and eggs because he doesn't have to leave at 6:30am anymore!)
TV time with tears, because I wouldn't let him watch a movie, and then I wouldn't let him watch anything until he stopped whining. I don't have much patience for that noise.
Bye bye daddy
Dora and mommy shower ... a cold shower, in fact. Gotta figure out this water heater.
Writing time - thank you notes and a letter to Gramma and Grampy.
Snack time
Adventure to find the post office, to send letters and mail back Time Warner modem. Upside - we found it with little trouble. Down-side, Ro fell asleep in the car.
Michaels for Christmas present supplies.

Outside with Gipper, chat with mail man
Nap ... and by "nap" I mean he goofed off for an hour and didn't sleep, probably because I was there. But when I tried to leave he would panic and cry. Oh, hello, Rock. Meet Hard Place.
Snack time ... cause that seems to make him happy, and I was running out of patience.
Walk and giant playground. He cried because we didn't want to walk the same direction, but the playground saved the day. It's awesome.


The sun going down at 4 also made for a nice stopping point, since mummy's back and knees were starting to hurt from all the crawling into small jungle gym places.

Wine and probably some sort of TV ... cause I was done.

Daddy came home! Mummy needed a break so I took Gip fora  long walk. Tears ... his, not mine
Ro acted out by hitting and throwing things. Almost didn't get dinner, since he refused to pick it up until the last minute. It's easy looking back on it that he was tired and overwhelmed, but it's so hard when you're in the middle of it.
Dinner, and another tantrum because 1) he had to wait for us to finish eating, and 2) I wouldn't pick him up while I was eating.
In an attempt not to throttle him, I put myself in time out. Bad idea, because both he AND the dog thought I had left them forever and tried breaking down the door. Tears all around.
Bedtime and more tears. Daddy sat with him this time because for Christ's sake, I was on call all day and he can parent for a hot minute ... said my over-tired, overwhelmed, slightly resentful brain.
Wine and The Office, and falling asleep immediately.

Ok, it was really just the lack of nap that ruined everything. Everything else was fine. Note to self, no car-rides in the morning maybe.

On deck for day 3 ... brave the bus (R44, baby!) and find the library in time for story hour?

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  1. Nap makes or breaks my day. Once he gets used to all this change, you'll get on a schedule and it will be awesome!